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Centar Skenderija
25. – 27. 04. 2024.

Centar Skenderija Sarajevo

Centar Skenderija Sarajevo is a unique cultural, sports, and trade center. With its successful operation since its opening in 1969 until today, in the field of organizing trade fairs, congresses, seminars, cultural and sports events, Skenderija Center is at the forefront of business events in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Centar Skenderija –  Sarajevo Fair (Sarajevski Sajam) has been organizing international trade fair events since 1970, which made Sarajevo known as the “Fair City” at that time. Since then, around 500 international specialized trade fairs from all areas of the economy have been successfully held.

Today, Sarajevo Fair organizes a large number of specialized trade fair events in a 17,000 square meter exhibition space. With their quality, these trade fair events hold great significance in the economic happenings of this part of Europe.

Each year, over 1,000 exhibitors and co-exhibitors present their products and services at trade fairs attended by over 200,000 visitors.

Centar Skenderija Sarajevo

Centar Skenderija / Sarajevski sajam
Terezija bb, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
+387 33 201 183 /

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